Tips to High School Graduating

There are several reasons why one would like to graduate early from high school. It may be that you are in a hurry to attend college, or that you wish to start your career at the earliest. Whatever it is, while you are in high school, there are certain things you need to consider to complete your graduation before time.

Many students are interested in a different area of work and the subjects at school barely help them. In this case if you know what you actually want to do, it is good to consider graduating early to boost your career opportunities. If you think you are way ahead of your class in academics, maturity, or any thing else, you are on the right track leaving school earlier and moving to a junior college. To make sure that your decision is right, you can choose to meet up with your school counselor and get things cleared. Make sure you know what you are doing and its consequences. It is good to take help from people who support your decision and guide you keeping all these factors in mind.

There are certain things you need to be aware of before you jot down a plan for graduating before time.

. Check for credits that your high school requires for graduating.

. Check for credit points that you need to obtain for every subject.

. Make sure of the credit points you can score during summer school. Each school has its own norms of evaluating a student and so you need to be aware of these norms.

. Before you enroll for summer school, be sure about the subjects and syllabus they offer. More often, it is the same subject and syllabus. Thus, you can easily take advantage of summer school and graduate before time. During this time, you also get the advantage of opting for an elective course. You can take up driver’s education or other popular and useful courses and earn better credit points.

. If your school does not allow extra courses, check out for other district schools that do. Take help from your teachers or counselors to guide you better when it comes to selecting a school. Get in touch with the district office to obtain a list of schools.

. Do not forget that although you plan to graduate before time, it will cost. At times, expenses can be more than the normal school. Thus, it is good to consider the finances and discuss the same with your parents before you enroll.

. If you start taking your summer coaching after the 8th grade, you score 12 credits and 12 credits in most school are equal to being a graduate.

. Look out for schools that benefit you and suit your parents’ pockets.

. It is good to take classes in person at this level than online education

After you consider these points, you will be in a better position to graduate before time and move on to college.

Tips to clear TOEFL exam

The TOEFL test which is administered via the internet is an important for the students who want to study in an English speaking country. The test usually measures the ability to use and understand English. Not only this, it also evaluated that how well you combine the listening, reading,speaking and writing skills to perform the academic tasks. There are many people who know English but still they commit some mistakes.Make sure before you go for the test, try to find the details on TOEFL, its format and some tips on getting good scores. To get more help, Join Nodnat which is known among the best study abroad consultant in India and offers a wonderful guidance on the international education. It provides you with tools, guides which will help you to prepare for the test and improve your English language skills in a wonderful way.

Try to find a reliable mentor
A person should have a reliable mentor who knows lots about the TOEFL exam. There would many questions which your textbook can’t answer, for this you need to have a teacher who would guide you in every step. They will make you aware about the recent changes in pattern, how to improve your English and most importantly, they will  help you to score better in your exams.

Focus on your English

There are some basic activities which would surely help you to improve your English. Some of them are reading more and more so that you will be never out of words. Watch English shows which will surely help you with the pronunciation and fluency of the language.This quality plays a major role in the speaking and listening skills and this will surely help you to come with wonderful marks.

Do practice  test
The best way to prepare for the TOEFL is to practice doing the test. Join Nodnat which not only provide you with high efficient classes, but also give you a platform to practice test. They help you to deal with vocabulary, practice test, exercises and deal with different types of questions.

Tips to score better in TOEFL

The TOEFL exam is administered by the internet and it plays an important role in the life of the students. It is an exam for the students who study in an English speaking country. The test usually measures the ability to use and understand English which can be surely evaluated on the way how a student can easily combine the listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. There are many people who are aware about the English language, but they easily commit mistakes. Make sure that you try to find the details on TOEFL, its different formats and there are also some tips on getting good scores. If you want to get more help, join Nodnat which is known one of the best study abroad consultants in India. It offers a wonderful guidance on the international education, correct choose of the subjects which offers a perfect guidance on the international education. Make sure that you do your best while choosing a wonderful guidance on the international education. It provides tools, guides that will surely help you to improve your english language skills in a wonderful way.

There are some activities which will surely help a person to improve his english. A person should read more and more so that they don’t get out of words. They should also watch english shows which will surely help you to pronounce the correct word and it will also develop the fluency of the language. The activities play a major role in the speaking and listening skills which will surely help a person to come up with wonderful marks.

One of the another best way to prepare for TOEFL is by practising the test again and again Join Nodnat which provide you with high efficient classes and it also provides with a platform to practice the test. Nodnat also helps you to deal with the vocabulary, exercise and deal with different types of questions and answers.

Apart from reading and listening try to focus on the writing and typing skills. Try to write an essay which involves lots of typing and a slow speed can create a negative impact. Make sure, that before you go for the exam try to give some sample test which will improve your speed and develop your ability to score better.  Therefore, if you are thinking of joining TOEFL classes in Lucknow, then visit and get the best training for your exam. Join now!

Tips For Improving Your English Speking

I speak English. Unfortunately, all I can speak is English. However, the good news is that I do a pretty good job of speaking English. Whenever I have an opportunity to hear a non-native English speaker deliver a speech, I often find myself starting to think that despite the importance of public speaking how they could have done a better job of using the English Language to get their point across. It turns out that speech and communication specialist Phyllis Thesier has thought the same things. She’s come up with a 5-step method that people can use to improve their English when they are giving a speech.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As speakers we all understand the value of practicing our speeches before we give them. This helps us to sort out our words and get our thoughts straight. However, when English is not your native tongue, it turns out that taking the time to practice your speech becomes even more important.

The reason has to do with what is called “muscle motor memory”. Simply put, if you practice saying your speech in English, then when it comes time for you to deliver it to your audience for real, your body will be comfortable forming and saying the English words that make up your speech.

Boost Your Listening Comprehension

When we’ve been asked to give a speech, all too often we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in a world where we focus on how we will be saying our speech. For those of us who are non-native English speakers this can be a big mistake. For you see, you’ll never be able to correctly say a word that you can’t hear.

One thing that can cause non-native English speakers a great deal of trouble is when they are asked to pronounce a sound in English that does not exist in their native language. They may not even be able to hear this sound when other people are speaking in English. For this reason you’ll need an English speaking friend or colleague who can point out to you what sounds are not part of your English vocabulary.

Slow It Down

I can only speak for myself, but when I hear a non-native English speaker every word that they say gets translated in my head. Yes, they are speaking English, but it often sounds so different from my version of English that I have to process each word in order to make sure that I heard it correctly.

What this means for you as a non-native English speaker is that you need to slow your rate of speaking down. You need to work more pauses into your speech. What you need to be doing is giving me time to process what you are saying – speak too fast and you’ll quickly lose me!

It’s All About The Numbers

One thing that many of us don’t realize is that more often than not we end up using a lot of numbers in every speech that we give. Because numbers are such a critical part of any language, how you say numbers will have a big impact on how easy your audience believes your speech is to understand.

It will be well worth your time to spend time to make sure that you say numbers in English perfectly. There are not a lot of them, but if you take the time make sure that you can pronounce numbers as well as a native speaker, then all of a sudden your speech just got a lot more understandable.

Everyone Needs A Mentor

The final part to Phyllis’ system is for you to go out and get yourself an English language mentor. The goal here is to find someone who is going to be willing to both listen to you speak and then to practice with you as you become better.

In your native language you will have different patterns and ways of speaking. What you are going to want your mentor to do is to act as a kind of a bridge from where you are comfortable speaking (in your language) to where you want to be comfortable (English). I’m pretty sure that we all understand that this won’t be happening overnight. However, with constant work and the help of a good mentor, it will eventually happen.

What All Of This Means For You

The ability to speak multiple languages is a fantastic skill and if you have it, then I am very jealous of you. However, speaking in English is one of the hardest things to do. If English is not your native language, then you need to find ways to master it so that people will listen to you when you deliver speeches in English. Phyllis Thesier has created a five step program that can help non-native English speakers become better at delivering the benefits of public speaking.

The first step in the system is to practice your speech. This teaches your body how to correctly say all of the English words in your speech. Next, take the time to become a better listener. Your native language may not have all of the same sounds that are found in English and so you may need help in identifying and then learning these new sounds. Speak slower so that your audience can have more time to interpret what you are saying. Take the time to master how to pronounce numbers – this will go a long way in making your speech more understandable. Finally, get a mentor who is willing to work with you to help you improve how you speak English.

At the start, becoming a good enough English speaker to deliver speeches that people can understand may seem like an unobtainable goal. However, the good news is that this is something that you can do. Follow the 5 steps in the system and what you’ll discover is that in no time you’ll be doing a great job of delivering speeches that people want to hear in English