Chocolate Friday

I n a perpetual quest to “fatten”up my youngest son who is gluten and dairy intolerant I discovered Justin’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter.

I have to say it is more than a bit sinful and that perhaps my youngest isn’t the only one getting fatter in this household.  But the topic of this post is not really about trying to/or not trying to get fat its about money.  While I love this product and would recommend it to a friend, at $9.99 a jar is it out of our “daily” treat price range and into once in a while “treat” price range.  But we’ve  grown accustomed to having it around.  So I set out on a quest to make my own for less.  This recipe is the result of experimentation and I expect it will continue to be modified.  Although my family is pretty happy with the results.


Be sure to lick the spoon clean, you really don’t want to waste a drop of this.


1 cup whole almonds

1 cup chocolate chips (dark chocolate and gluten free in my case)

1/2 cup coconut oil

1 tablespoon honey (I usually just drizzle a bit around a few times, sweeten to your taste)

1 tablespoon healthy oil (I’ve used olive oil and grapeseed oil) you can omit this for a thicker butter

Put all ingredients in a food processor. Turn on and walk away for 6-8 minutes. The first minute is really noisy and the big ball that forms looks like it couldn’t possibly turn into anything useful, but it will eventually.  At the end you will have your own version of a nut butter.

My son has a bit of it on his toast in the morning and I spread some on an apple for an afternoon snack.  Its versatile, delicious, full of healthy fat and antioxidants.



P.S.  Here are a few links to enjoy.

  • This three ingredient dairy free fudge is amazing .  You don’t have to be gluten and dairy free to agree.  It makes everyone happy.
  • I used the condensed coconut milk from the above recipe to make a Thai Iced Tea and it was terrific.
  • Ghee and Clarified butter are easy to make and dairy free.  This recipe was easy to follow and my kitchen smelled YUMMYlicious for hours afterwards!
  • We love having having parties and potlucks, and these Build- Your-Own Party Ideas would liven them up a bit.  We’ve done a taco bar, and a pasta bar in the past but some of the other meals could be easily customized to accommodate for the gluten free among us.
  • My youngest son is working on improving his handwriting skills.  His teacher recommends that he should write with a really short pencil because it improves his grip.  These pencils are adorable, stylish and short.  Hmmm, yet another reason for me to love this company.


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