Beauty, beauty, everywhere . . .

Back Porch = Mudroom

Background: You are in desperate need of a mud porch. You are overrun by shoes, coats, apples, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, backpacks, coats, wine bottles, etc. In fact, the pile of debris in front of your door feels like a large mountain you have to climb over every time you come home.

Question: What is your solution?


a. Move and leave it all behind for someone else to deal with.

b. Ignore it and pretend this is how everyone lives.

c. Plastic and duct tape.

Circle all answers that apply.

a = 0 points (this is the concept our country was founded on, but…)

b = 5 points (escapism is an effective tool for all classes)

c = 10 points (if you can’t fix it, duct it)

My theory is that we all have a little trash in us, its the result of dealing with life’s detritus. I have created a sliding scale to show you how much danger you are in.

0 to 5 points = you’re ok, really

5 to 10 points= you’re getting a little trashy around the edges

10+ points = give up and embrace your roots

White trash roots can be defined as many things. This test is completely flexible.  Feel free to fix or change the scores to suit your mood.

The white bucket indicates the location of the roof leak!

So I gave up, embraced my roots and encased my back porch in plastic and I love it.   What I saw when I looked at my accomplishment of the day, was a practical way to use a space normally only used in summer. It will not win any style contests but since I had the plastic remnants from other projects, a plethora of hooks, and an old rug it cost $0.  It effectively added another room to my house.

Wine, carrots and grapefruit. What more is there?

So to recap, what I saw with my eyes:

-temporary fix

-functional but not pretty

work to be done:

-remove the chandelier that is now smack dab in the middle of the space since there is no longer a table

-fix the roof leak


To get to the crux of it, this is what my friend Shawn saw when she looked at it:

“What amazing diffused light”

Finally, we may actually be able to find a helmet when we need it!

Aah! Its good to be reminded of the beauty in everyday things.  You just have to remember to look for it with a less critical eye.

Do grocery bags multiply in the middle of the night?

Beauty, beauty everywhere . . .

Tromboncino Zucchini

Thank you friend.

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