Tips for High Score In Your Class

The main goal of making this article is to provide tips and tricks to Score Better Marks in 10th Class Board Exams So, Viewers must read our article with very carefully.

As we all know, most candidates have completed their preparation of Examination but most of the applicants have to start their study at the last moment and by the help of this article help, they know how to get good marks so let’s analyze the situation and prepare a way to overcome.

5 Things to Be Kept In Mind during Exam Time

First of all, applicants must discuss their Problem regarding which they are facing during the preparation time with their friends, Teachers as well as Parents. Maybe, they have the better suggestion.

Applicants also advised when they suddenly find that there is most important to learn about that particular topic while your teacher initiates a discussion in the class.

Students don’t try to mug the topics and try it to understand very carefully.

This is the big Question mark for candidates i.e. which book they have learned for Board Exam to get Better 10th Class Result then here you get the answers to this question and that is NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training).

Candidates, must careful with your Weak Points and you can also attend extra coaching.

Applicants can also avoid the weak point during the exam time because it utilizes your much time and firstly attend those question answers which you know very well instead of wasting time in difficult part questions.

Preparation Tips as Subject Wise

Science: In Science, mostly candidates find that this is the hard subject but let me informed to all the students that there is no any subject which is hard it basically depends on your mind.

Firstly, Make the Proper Time Table as according to the chapters.

Then applicants need to make some important notes and highlight them in the notebook and learned very carefully and applicants also do one thing that whatever you have learned just writes in your notebook.

Candidates also make a habit of writing the definitions in one’s own language with correct English without altering the meaning.

To Score well in Board Exams, applicants can but the NCERT book because from many years, the board for SSC/10th Board Exams will be made question paper from the NCERT Book for all subjects.

Students must solve the OLD Papers in a given period time.


Class 10th mathematics is an elementary subject.

It basically teaches the concept of numbers, basic geometry and trigonometry.

The Mathematics is the only subject in which students can score full marks In Class 10th Board Exam as well as 12th Board Exams but for that applicants need to well prepare for the examination and practice to solve the questions as much as you can to get good marks in SSC Board Results

Candidates don’t forget that the mathematics of Class 10th helps students in building a basic aptitude and the concepts taught are also beneficial for the students who wish to appear for the aptitude based tests in future.