Tips success on student presentation

agMost people remember their student years – sleepless nights, piles of notes, the bunch of tasks and presentations. Most students get the most relevant skills at university – ability to be persistent, knowledge how to do simple things like presentations and just work hard to achieve success. Making presentations, in fact, is one of the most important skills that every student must have. However, plenty of students have problems with creating PowerPoint presentations and then presenting their thoughts. How to do master it?

These are just simple tips that might help you improve your skills in creating good PowerPoint presentations and giving them:

• First of all, it is important to remember that presentation is not only about using PowerPoint. It is about good PowerPoint presentation and ability to deliver your thoughts and ideas. You need to do both to get the best result.

• Be well-prepared and know your topic. Most students begin with PowerPoint presentations instead of a short introduction to the central theme. PowerPoint is just a tool to back up information and not on the contrary.

• When preparing the presentation, you need to include only the most relevant information – essential facts or figures. The same basic facts and figures should be repeated later to reinstate the same.

• The PowerPoint presentation must not be huge and it must not contain slides with 50 line of text. The maximum size if around 15 slides in one PowerPoint presentation. Avoid using too much text on one slide. The best way to present information on one slide is to use bullet points.

• Apply the right layout for your slides. The title must be on the top of it. Key points go from left to right. It is recommended to present the most relevant information on the top of each slide.

• What you are telling must be displayed on the screen at the very same moment. Not earlier and not later.

• Colours must be chosen wisely. It is better to use contrasting colours for text and background like black/ blue and white/ beige. Bright colours like orange or red are very hard to read especially in a big room. People sitting in the back will not see anything.

• Do not be afraid to experiment with design. Preparing presentation for university course has its benefits – you can do it with a more creative approach. You can use the picture, photos and non-traditional fonts. When using images from the internet, be careful as copyright might protect some. Download images from reliable sources as to make sure that you are not breaking the law. Moreover, pictures must be of a high quality otherwise, they can be blurred when being displayed.

• Take a particular template to make your PowerPoint presentation look fresh and attractive. The Internet offers a bunch of useful templates for free and for the reasonable price.

• Rehearse your presentation. No matter how well you think you know the subject, rehearse it to make sure you will not get lost by a short question or something distracting.