Tips to attend coaching classes for exam

How important is coaching, to clear the Civil Services Exam? Not just the aspiring students but the media and many others too ask this question to the successful candidates. And the answer varies with every successful candidate. There are candidates who have cleared the exam without coaching, but they are a few in
number among the other successful candidates. Most of the candidates perform well in the exam only due to the guidance they get in the coaching classes and give the credit to their mentors. Seeing one side of the coin is never a right idea to take any decision.

Majority of the aspirant join coaching in different forms depending on their requirement, constrains and confidence level. There might be a difference in the way you attend the coaching classes, but the important aspect is that you need someone to guide you. There is an option of self-study, but you should back this approach with top-quality study material.

Some coaching institutes offer postal study material to help the aspirants who don’t have time to attend the classes. Just getting study material is not enough; you also need appropriate direction to know how to make best use of the study material. If you are thinking about the online study material, you can never be sure about the quality of the content. Most of the times it is not updated and irrelevant to the requirements of the Civil Services Exam. Only a good coaching institute can provide updated study material on all the subjects.

Besides study material, right guidance is also important to succeed in the UPSC Exam. Suppose you have all the study material and access to the test series, but what about the right method to prepare for the exam? How will you decide from where to start, how to make notes, relevant issues for this exam, how to cover the syllabus and clarity of information. A good mentor can take away all this stress and can assist you in making most of the limited time you have for the preparation.

Benefits of attending coaching classes:

● By attending classes you get company of likeminded people and ample opportunities to have discussions on the important topics. You can also take tips from their preparation style, which might not be possible in self-study

● The competitive environment at the coaching center will motivate you to perform well. Further, regular tests and the guidance from the faculty will help you understand your problem areas and the right technique to improve them

● During self-study you don’t know where you need to stop and might end-up wasting your energy and time studying excessive material. At the coaching center the faculties carefully decide the syllabus and include only important points

● Self discipline in maintaining a study schedule and sustained motivation levels are required for this competitive exam. This may difficult to attain in self study preparation mode and coaching institutes create this conducive environment.

Helpful tip:

There are numerous coaching institutes claiming to be the best. You cannot rely on all as most of them are highly commercial. Make efforts to find a coaching institute that gives priority to the future of the students over their money. Some research, reference from the friends and online forums can help you find the right coaching institute.

Mere reliance on a coaching institute along will not help you achieve the objective. It has to be backed with proper direction and  sustained hardwork, which  are keys to clearing this exam. Start your search for the best coaching center that offers updated and high-quality study material for UPSC exam, good faculty, infrastructure etc in helping you gain maximum knowledge.